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    General Director

    We are all here to commit to build up the best team forces, the best working process & the best quality control system to ensure Client's & Partners, Staff's satisfaction. All of what we do & inspire the others to do is just focused on the very simple words: ''COMMITMENT & INTEGRITY".

    Those who know me named me "Ms. Why" with my oft-quoted question is "Why: Why this? Why that? Why yes? Why no?..." I know my team feel challenge & pressured to answer my "Why" questions, but I also know that the team found themselves grow up with the rational answers did by themselves all the time. And more than that, during my 15 years working in marketing & advertising, I also found our Client always benefit from the answer for "Why" questions from my team.


    We call ourselves the inspirationally & innovative influential connectors. We not only connect works from each department to make the best creative & strategic ideas to propose you, but also connect the cooperation from each individual to create best quality project to serve you. We hate the words of "unsatisfied" - therefore we always do our best to create your satisfaction via the success of each project. Your success is ours. We listen to your request.


    We 100% strongly believe in the concept of "Difference or Die". Our creative products is therefore like no other. Our ideas is not to produce the artwork, our ideas is to inspire the people.


    We understand each material as close friends. Therefore, we always advise and provide our customers with good products and synchronous measures. We are not satisfied with our success but provide services through listening to customers’ questions and feedback, even minor ones.”


    With us, experience is nothing, professionalism is a must, and more than that, strategic planning & sharp solution is an essential. We have never had less than 2 answers for a question, and always prepared the bad scenario to have back - up solution for almost the cases.


    Our mission is to ensure the quality of the company commitment. We understand complication of service section, so we develop working process meet international standards by specific, simple and easy understanding but systematical. Especially, we correct non-conformities quickly and creatively, prevent risks with talented and profession. Furthermore, we always improve for better service quality continuously.